Weight Management

Dietetic products for private labels

We are an innovative manufacturer and dialogue-oriented partner in the development and production of powders, functional bars and drinks for weight-control nutrition.

Not enough exercise, poor eating habits, stress at work and in home life: in many countries, the percentage of the population that is overweight has been increasing for years. For those affected, overweight often means impaired quality of life and an increased risk of numerous accompanying or secondary illnesses. Moreover, many people with weight problems say they would like to lose weight: according to an Allensbach survey, over four million adults in Germany alone express a wish to lose weight and show considerable interest in diets and dietetic products.

As a leading manufacturer of health foods and products for sport nutrition, we develop and produce numerous dietetic specialities for weight control. Research and innovation in the service of our customers are always at the centre of this process. On request, our teams of innovative food experts are pleased to create highly individual solutions for our customers’ outstanding brands. As experienced manufacturers of dietetic products we are able to draw on an immense fund of knowledge in respect of nutritional trends in diets and the optimum use of nutrients and essential substances and their effects.

Dietetic products for comprehensive nutritional strategies

Complete meal replacers, low-carb products, snacks or special supplements: at our Technology Park in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, we design outstanding products for our customers to meet the dietetic strategies that are currently in demand with consumers for slimming or maintaining their weight. Our dietetic products can be fortified with all the important nutrients and essential substances needed by the body to ensure a balanced diet. The combination of proteins, dietary fibres and carbohydrates can be adjusted individually.

Examples from our range of products include dietary-fibre drinks, classic meal-replacer shakes and protein drinks containing L-carnitine or other metabolism-activating substances. These are complemented by food supplements with natural ingredients such as coffee, green tea or mate extract and also dietetic bars fortified with vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Because of their reduced sugar and fat content, these add few calories. In the composition of our products we bear the pertinent statutory regulations and ordinances in mind.

Wide experience as a manufacturer of dietetic products

As a manufacturer with our own production facilities we are able to supply our dietetic products in most of the usual administration forms: from capsules through powders and bars to mixtures in ready-to-drink bottles. When choosing the right administration form and packaging, our customers benefit by our extensive knowledge of markets and trends in the food and nutrition industry. Besides a convincing product design, we guarantee our customers an efficient packaging process that keeps the costs down. Our customers include well-known brands that are sold through the usual channels such as pharmacists, drug-store chains and teleshop or online outlets.

For customers that market their products as private labels, SternLife takes on the entire workflow for the development and manufacture of the dietetic products. However concrete the idea for a product may be – our experts are familiar with the nutritional trends in diets and will devise a solution in keeping with the market for every private label and its target group. From the initial draft to the logistics for the finished product, we cooperate professionally with our customers in a spirit of partnership. Customers only have to work on the creative aspects: testing samples of products, choosing a suitable pack and sending us the design for the finished dietetic product to be sold under their private label.

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