Lifestyle Nutrition

Adapts to life

The lives, demands and focus of your target group are diverse. It’s a good thing we have the right concept for every situation – be it sporty, healthy, sustainable or beautiful.

Is it supposed to be an overarching approach or would you like to use selected combinations of active ingredients in a targeted manner? Should it be a beauty shake for the skin, a protein shake for the muscles or a healthy ageing product for intestinal health? Highly functional, natural, organic or vegan? We are ready for your target group.

Wasserglas gefüllt mit Vanillemilch, davor ein Holzlöffel mit Pulver und eine Orchidee

Beauty from within

We strengthen your customers from the inside out – with concepts for hair health or cleansing, sleep and mood products. Would you like a little more volume or a hair energy booster? Should it be a classic collagen product or an anti-wrinkle concept? And maybe the whole thing is also vegan? We have a variety of approaches to help your audience feel better.

Hair and skin



Healthy Aging

We’re all not getting any younger: healthy ageing is an ongoing topic and we offer your brand a wide range of concepts for a wide range of applications. drinks for intestinal health, dietary supplements for bones and joints, products for menopause or products to aid focus. Together with us, you can sustainably complete your portfolio for an ageing clientele.

Intestinal health

Eye health


Glas gefüllt mit Erdbeer-Smoothie, daneben ein lilanes Satintuch, ein Faltenroller aus Rosenquarz und Heidelbeeren.
Sportshaker gefüllt mit Schokoladenmilch und einer silbernen Hantel, davor ein silberner Löffel mit losem Pulver

Fitness and sport

We deliver what an athlete’s heart desires: proteins, energy or targeted active ingredients. And all this in its most modern form. Animal or vegetable proteins, organic proteins, selected amino acids or suitable energy sources and supplements – you name it, we make it. For lasting success in the sports and fitness market.

Targeted active ingredients

Optimal nutritional profiles

Organic and plant-based

Anything other than conventional and still just as functional: we deliver more than alternatives. The growing selection of organic plant extracts with standardised vitamin content enables us to offer extremely tasty organic products with functional added value. And everything is vegan, of course. Score points with the plant-based target group with green smoothies, clear protein shakes, vegan collagen boosters and many other products. Natural and sustainable.

Veganer, grüner Proteinshake im Glas mit Strohhalm und Erbsen

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Wasserflasche mit Wasser, daneben Orangenscheiben und ein weißes Pulver-Sachet
Do you have a question or would like to clarify details? We look forward to talking with you.
Do you have a question or would like to clarify details?