Supplements for private labels

As a manufacturer of high-class products for sport nutrition we develop and produce supplements to meet the most sophisticated requirements.

From nutrition-conscious fitness studio clients to competitive athletes: the question of correct nutrition is becoming more and more important to those interested in sports and oriented towards performance. The market for sport nutrition has shown rapid growth rates for years. Once no more than a niche, it is increasingly becoming a mass market. At the same time, the consumers are becoming better informed and constantly more demanding. In order to stand out against competitors it is important to appeal to the target group specifically with high-quality supplement products.

With our years of experience as manufacturers of nutrition products we are fully familiar with the active substances, concepts and target groups of the food supplement sector. For years we have engaged in research and development at our Technology Center in order to create a wide range of supplements for performance-promoting sport nutrition. Our wide experience and comprehensive specialist knowledge enable us to offer our customers tailor-made solutions in the field of nutrition. They range from the content and composition of products through dosage forms to choice of the right packaging.

From weight gainers to training boosters with creatine

Supplements help athletes work very specifically towards well defined training objectives in respect of performance and stamina. We have a wide variety of preparations in our range alongside various proteins with whey or casein for muscle development. They include training boosters, weight gainers and fat burners. And besides these we can offer performance-promoting special preparations containing amino acids, BCAAs, creatine or glutamine and vitamins.

On request we will be pleased to create individually designed formulations. It is important to us, as supplement manufacturers, to cooperate with our customers in a spirit of partnership all along the line. Our exceptional know-how in respect of brands, markets and trends enables us to advise our customers competently right from the start. Since our experts have a thorough knowledge of active ingredients, effects and dosages, the result is always top-class supplements for sport nutrition.

We develop and produce supplements in all the modern dosage forms, for example shots, powders, capsules or tablets. As a dynamic manufacturer we take our customers’ wishes into account. Our comprehensive expertise in the production of food supplements and functional foods enables us to use gentle production methods that conserve all the valuable ingredients.

A supplement manufacturer with extra value-added for private labels

If a supplement is to be successful in the market, the design of the product is one of the most important aspects to be considered. With the choice of the right pack, private labels attract the attention of their target groups more easily. For us as manufacturers in the nutrition sector, intelligent private label packaging always involves two objectives: an attractive design with optimum appeal for the consumer and an efficient packaging method that keeps the cost down as far as possible for our customers.

The private label products manufactured by us are suitable for both online marketing and sale through the stationary retail trade or local fitness studios. We involve our customers in the whole process of development and production. We are the ones who do the actual work: we transform our customers’ ideas, however concrete they may be, into functioning supplement products that promise the customers and their retail consumers genuine value-added. All our customers have to do is test the finished samples and place an order with us.

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