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To be successful in the supplement market, you have to ask yourself a key question: how do I get my food supplements produced? Our recommendation: with the best.

In our product development department, we create highly effective formulas that delight customers and help them lead a healthier lifestyle. For example, we design capsules for food supplements that are rich in vitamins, amino acids, minerals, antioxidants and lecithins. Our strength as a contract manufacturer is the optimal dose of raw materials for a strong impact.

Wasserflasche mit Wasser, daneben Orangenscheiben und ein weißes Pulver-Sachet


Powders are well received. In the body and in the target group. They are easy to prepare and a tasty alternative to capsules. The effective formulas can support memory or the immune system or be used as a sporty dietary supplement. Just simple. And delicious.


Popular and straightforward, capsules effectively support your health as a dietary supplement, with sports to increase performance and in cases of nutrient deficiency or increased need for balance. And to ensure that the little helpers arrive quickly and effectively, we pay attention to all relevant factors when producing and developing our formulas: dosages, the characteristics of the raw materials, their quantity, the necessary protection and the type of ingestion desired. It has a simple and lasting effect on your customers and in the market.

Zwei braune Glasbehältnisse mit Schraubverschluss und Kapsel mit Pulver gefüllt

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