Protein and Energy Bars

Bars to your heart’s content

If you’re wondering what types of protein bars to expect from a contract manufacturer, then we have the answer: almost every one you want.

Do you need vegan variants without a chocolate coating or classic protein bars? Should it be crispy or creamy? How about an extremely high protein content of up to 65%? Or perhaps with ingredients that support a healthy lifestyle, contain superfoods or are organic? We have what your customers want and will find the right bar variants and formulas for your range.

Aufeinander gestapelte Proteinriegel

Pure Bars

Not a lot of ado, but with convincing ingredients: this is our Pure bar without a chocolate coating and with optimised nutritional values. It is particularly suitable for vegan or savoury varieties and as a clean-label product with a short list of ingredients – or with natural ingredients, good proteins, delicious nuts or even with a proportion of fruit paste.


Clean label

Basic Bars

Well-known, tried-and-tested and the perfect entry into the functional snacks market: our Basic line delivers the best flavour, with a protein content of up to 65% and an optimal mix of nutritional values. Choose delicious protein-enriched dark chocolate, milk chocolate or white chocolate coatings and optionally add functional ingredients such as vitamins and minerals.

Up to 65% protein content

Vitamins and minerals

Aufeinander gestapelte Proteinriegel überzogen mit weißer Schokolade und Milchschokolade
Aufeinander gestapelte Proteinriegel mit verschiedenen Schokoladenüberzügen und Füllcremes

Premium Bars

The full taste experience for your customers: our Premium bars combine the advantages of basic bars with a crisp snacking experience. Crispies, nuts or mixtures of both ensure healthy crispy enjoyment in bar format.

With extra crunch

Deluxe Bars

The sweet spot when it comes to bars: our Deluxe line. In addition to optimum nutritional values with protein content of up to 40%, our formulas boast a delicious filling cream and crunchy sprinkling, e.g. with nuts or high-quality almonds or crispies, lentils or pretzels. Simply deluxe.

Extra creamy

Extra crunch

Aufeinander gestapelte Proteinriegel mit verschiedenen Schokoladenüberzügen und Füllcremes

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Do you have a question or would like to clarify details?