1. What is your minimum order quantity for bars (depending on the variety)?

We develop and produce bars from an annual quantity of 100,000 pieces. This quantity can be called off in productions of at least 30,000 bars. Special raw materials or special requirements such as BIO can influence this quantity, i.e. if necessary the minimum purchase quantity will increase.

2. What is your minimum order quantity for powder products (depending on variety)

Our powder products are very versatile and different in terms of raw materials and packaging. Therefore, each project must be considered individually. As a guideline, we consider 10,000 to 20,000 cans or bags, 100,000 sachets or 5,000 kg of unpackaged product.

3. What is your minimum order quantity for other products?

As a guideline for capsules and tablets: at least about 10,000 packaging units per variety.


1. What is the process of a project from the idea to the finished product?

We take over the complete process for our customers from the idea to the finished product. We develop, test, analyze, purchase materials and produce individually as requested. Our customers only need to create the design based on the specification we develop and send us finished printing data.

2. Is there any development cost for the formula?

The development of products is free of charge for our customers. We only charge development costs if a particularly high outlay is incurred or if new raw materials that do not yet exist are required. The costs for this are determined individually and credited back when the order is placed. Under certain circumstances, after you have placed an order, a production trial is carried out. The costs would have to be paid proportionally.

3. What are the costs for the design of the product?

We will charge you for the preliminary printing costs (clichés, tools, etc.) that we have to pay to the suppliers of foils, bags, cans and cardboard boxes for your packaging materials in your design, on a time and material basis 1 to 1 from our suppliers.

4. What information do you need? What does a briefing look like?

We agree with you on a briefing with as detailed information as possible about the required product and the desired properties. Particularly important for us are the desired main raw materials and product claims, the package size and type, the planned annual and call-off quantity and, if available, a target price as well as information on possible reference products.

5. How does a project work?

a) After we have received your briefing, a proposal for a product is made.

b) If this is coherent, a formulation will be developed on our part and you will receive a preliminary specification with an indicative price.

c) If both the specification and the target price are approved by you, we produce samples in the laboratory and send them to you by courier.

d) When the samples are approved, we will work with you to create a suitable packaging concept and you will receive a final quotation with all the basic conditions for your individual product.

e) When you place the order with us, it may be necessary for some products that we have to implement a production trial on the machine in order to make final product adjustments. You will have to contribute to the costs of these tests accordingly.

f.) In the last step, we will plan the real production of your products and confirm the delivery date.

6. Can raw materials be provided?

For the sake of simplicity, we use tested and qualified raw materials from our large portfolio. If there is a special raw material on your part for which it makes sense to provide it, all quality documents must be made available and the suitability must be checked with regard to our allergen policy. The same applies to very special raw materials that we procure for you.

7. Do you also pack the products and can I provide packaging materials?

We sell only packaged goods. Packing materials are purchased individually for your product. In principle, packing materials can also be provided. For this purpose, our production facilities must check the suitability of the packaging materials to be provided by you and all QA-relevant documents must be made available.

8. Do I get the formulation of the product?

Basically, we develop and produce individually according to customer requirements. Our core competence consists of the conception or the sale of products, which is a difference to the classical contract development. You receive a ready developed product and a specification suitable for declaration. We do not disclose the exact formulation or individual components of a formulation.

9. Are there standard products or a price list?

All products are developed individually for your brand and suitable for your customers. For this reason, there are no standard items and price list/s.


Can you produce products that are organic, gluten-free, vegan and lactose-free?

a.) We can offer bars in the following qualities: Organic, RainForrestAlliance RAC, vegan, vegetarian, palm oil free.

b.) Powder products we can offer in these qualities: Organic, vegan, vegetarian, palm oil-free, gluten-free, lactose-free, nut-free.

Depending on the product area and application, there are further possibilities that must be coordinated or tested. Please note any special requirements regarding labeling/exclamation in the briefing and we will provide you with feedback.


1. the final developed product: how does the design get on the product?

a) When the product is developed and we have agreed together on the terms, quantity and price, we will send you the final product specification and die-cuts for the packaging materials. Your agency or design department can then create the design of the products.

b) This design is sent to us and we check the technical and content feasibility and give you feedback. As soon as the design has been finally approved, we still need a quantity approval so that we can order the packaging in the correct quantity.

c) As soon as the packaging is completely fixed, the first order can follow and the first production can be planned and scheduled.

2. Are there any special contracts? What is your work or procedure? How long are prices valid?

a) Wir legen Wert auf langfristige Kundenbindung und gute Partnerschaften. Daher ist für uns eine ordentliche vertragliche Grundlage sehr wichtig.

b) Unsere Angebote sind immer Kontraktangebote, in welchen wir eine Menge für einen Zeitraum mit mehreren Abrufen zu unseren AGBs anbieten. Der Preis gilt für die gesamte Kontraktmenge und für diese Menge kaufen wir entsprechend Packmittel und Rohstoffe ein.

c) Wenn gewünscht, arbeiten wir für unsere Kunden zusätzlich auch mit individuellen Rahmen- und Geheimhaltungsvereinbarungen.

3. Who is my contact person?

As a customer, you will always receive individual support. Throughout the project, you will always be accompanied by a sales representative as your main contact person. In addition, you will have direct contact with our product and packaging development department. An entire team will then be available to you for subsequent order processing.