Fitness and sport

Sports nutrition manufacturer – fit to get started

We are bringing endurance, fitness and strength sports ranges up to speed. We develop and produce modern sports nutrition and supplements tailored to the needs of our customers that are in line with their brands. Whether they are high in protein, high in energy or targeted active ingredients – our dietary supplements and nutrition concepts stand for the long-term success of our customers in the sports and fitness market.

Which sports require special sports nutrition? 

Anyone that wants to improve their performance, has to not only pay attention to their training, but to their diet as well. Be it endurance sports such as road racing, triathlon or jogging, or strength sports such as classic bodybuilding, weightlifting or fitness. Sportspeople need good, sustainable sports nutrition to help them build muscle and get them somewhere.

What distinguishes a good manufacturer of sports nutrition? 

As a sports nutrition manufacturer, we focus on balancing the quality and diversity of raw materials and concepts as well as having a lasting impact on sportspeople. This combination is crucial for getting the best outcomes for customers. Our portfolio includes whey as a powder with lots of proteins from modern protein sources and the effective combination of different protein types – we use a wide range of milk- and plant-based proteins, such as whey, soy, rice, peas and hemp. Organic and vegan, of course.

The large selection of beverage powders with various functional ingredients such as guarana, caffeine, taurine, plant extracts, amino acids, minerals and vitamins are just one aspect of our sports nutrition concepts. Protein or energy bars for sportspeople and lifestyle customers as well as fast-acting capsules as dietary supplements complete our portfolio.

Why buy sports nutrition directly from the manufacturer? 

Our customer base is exclusively made up of strong brands. We produce just as much for large gym chains as we do for established retailers or online brands. And all our customers benefit from this experience. Our quality control begins with the purchase of raw materials. We manufacture all products exclusively in our state-of-the-art in-house facilities. This way, as a manufacturer of strength and endurance sports nutrition, we always have a complete overview and can guarantee the best quality of our products.

As a thoroughly customer-oriented service provider, it is a matter of course that we involve our customers in this process in a spirit of partnership and always keep costs within a manageable range.