Proteins for private labels.

As a manufacturer of high-class protein products and supplements we accompany your product development process from the initial idea to the ready-packaged protein powder or protein bar.

Bodybuilding, endurance training, competitive sports – modern protein products are much in demand in fitness and sport-oriented target groups. The health of those who engage in active sports, and their ability to perform well, are strongly influenced by amino acids and protein: proteins are responsible for numerous important functions in the human organism, from muscle development to regeneration. Our innovative production processes ensure that our proteins and supplements for sport nutrition cover the whole spectrum of applications that modern target groups now expect of nutrition products.

The experts on our teams have a large fund of know-how in the production of proteins at their disposal. Our specialist laboratories contain the latest technical equipment that enables them to meet the needs of different target groups with innovative products. Examples are the production of proteins and supplements in organic quality for the “BioHealth” community” and the use of different protein sources. We process both milk-based and vegetable-based proteins.

Whey, casein and vegan protein

Our protein production covers the whole spectrum of protein types currently in demand with athletes. Naturally it includes the “classic proteins” whey and casein, both of which are very popular in the bodybuilding sector. Whey is used primarily to ensure a quick supply of protein after training sessions. It is absorbed very quickly by the body and contains numerous branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs). Unlike whey protein, casein is needed for regeneration of the muscles rather than muscle development. In addition to proteins from cows’ milk, like whey, we as protein manufacturers also have soy protein and vegan proteins derived from rice, peas or hemp in our range; these may attract additional target groups in the nutrition sector.

Our modern production plant enables us to offer proteins in all the usual dosage forms and in premium quality: the spectrum extends from protein shakes through protein bars to protein powder. We adjust the purity of the protein – “isolate or hydrolysate” – during the production process in accordance with the customer’s requirements, guaranteeing maximum quality in both cases. Besides the quality of the protein, it is very important to us as protein manufacturers that sport nutrition products should have a pleasant taste and texture and that they should be directed towards the specific target group.

This is how we, as protein manufacturers, implement private label concepts

As a protein manufacturer, SternLife helps its customers develop and implement tailor-made private label concepts. The possible spectrum of our clientele ranges from fitness studios with labels of their own to the production of extensive product lines for private labels in the fields of bodybuilding and endurance sports. As an innovative protein manufacturer we take on the whole process of development and production for our customers from the nutrition industry – from single products to extensive ranges.

Our customers are welcome to contribute their own concepts and ideas to this process. We collaborate with them closely in a spirit of partnership and develop specific formulations for them – whether for a multicomponent protein powder or the creation of a new protein shake. All our customers have to do in this process is test the samples developed by us and give us the “green light” for production. Then we will choose a suitable pack design together with our customers. And finally, the newly developed product can go on the production line under our customer’s private label.

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