Zwei Hände halten sich schützen vor einen nackten Bauch

The intestine flourishes

At least since the bestseller Darm mit Charme (Gut: The Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ), the intestine has come into the spotlight and consumers have realized what a great influence it has on their well-being and the immune system. Therefore, it is no wonder that products that contribute to a healthy gut are increasingly popular.

We at SternLife now have the right recipe for this trend and with our three new concepts “Heart”, “Slimming”, and “Fibre Plus”, we deliver fibre in pulverized form for supplementing food and beverages on the market – and thus ensure a good gut feeling among customers.

The prebiotic supplement “Heart” is called that for a reason. Along with the prebiotics that shift the balance in favour of the “good” intestinal bacteria, the product lends itself very well to positioning in the category of heart health.

Those who pay more attention to their weight will choose the ”Slimming” variant. The ready-to-use powder is dissolved in water and drunk before a meal – and thanks to glucomannan provides an initial feeling of satiety.

In addition, we have developed a solution for muesli and yoghurt lovers as well: “Fibre Plus” is a fibre-rich pre-and probiotic, that due to its neutral flavour can be added to almost anything or drunk alone.

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