Junge Joggerin Anfang 20 mit Zopf und braunem Haare schaut fröhlich in die Ferne und isst einen Proteinriegel mit Milchschokolade

Vegan Protein Bars Next Generation

The megatrend plant-based has been shaping the functional bar sector for some time now. The requirements here are a full, crunchy taste experience without a plant-based aftertaste and with the right nutrient profile. But the biggest challenge: a really good vegan alternative to milk chocolate coating. We have the solution! Let’s push the new generation of vegan bars together.

Our new Grand Deluxe Vegan Bars create true moments of indulgence: The two bar creations convince with a creamy, crunchy bite and a soft texture without leaving a sandy, dry mouthfeel. The special feature: The bars contain up to 22% filling cream, which provides even more creaminess on the palate.

And that’s not all: we managed to find a vegan alternative to the milk chocolate coating. The light Milky Choc coating made of rice and coconut milk powder was presented for the first time this year in Geneva and Amsterdam at Vitafoods and PLMA and hit like a protein bomb!

Our vegan bars also meet the needs of the nutrition- and sustainability-conscious lifestyle and sports target groups with their inner values: with protein contents of up to 24 percent and a minimal sugar content of less than 5 percent. The new bars are available in Caramel Choco and Butter Cookie Peanut. Soy-free and allergen-free variants as well as bars in organic quality are also available on request.