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Snacks from SternLife – health the fun way

Innovative snacks for extra health and value-added for your product range.

Thinking ahead in functional nutrition: innovative snacks for extra health and to bring value-added to your range.

Delicious, and with an additional health benefit: nutritious, functional snacks are a logical ongoing development of classic confectionery. Our snack products offer your customers enjoyment without a guilty conscience, and for you they offer a valuable opportunity for a range extension.

There is an increasing demand for these innovative products, especially protein-enriched and sugar-reduced snacks, which are becoming more and more popular with consumers. Set a trend with functional snacks! We will develop and produce them for you and make the little delicacies a big hit in your range.

SternLife - Products - Snacks - Protein-SnackBites

At last: snacking with a good conscience

Our Protein SnackBites are delicious and contain up to 30 % protein. Offer your customers something new and yet familiar: white or milk chocolate with a crunchy bite and a high percentage of selected milk protein.

SternLife - Products - Snacks - Protein Peanuts

Hip: classic plus innovative

To make our protein peanuts we coat crisp peanut kernels with tenderly melting protein chocolate. In this way we have turned a classic product into an innovative functional snack. The coatings available are white or milk chocolate, with sugar or maltitol. We will find the right product for your customers.

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