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SternLife – a host of inspirations for every application.

We are your partner for individual powder products to enhance your range.

Creative diversity for powder products: we fulfil individual wishes with inspired products.

Powder products have a host of applications, so their production demands correspondingly complex knowledge. Why not benefit from our diverse know-how and our broad range of competence? With an annual production of 50,000 tonnes of powdered goods at our plant in Wittenburg and the wide choice of packaging available, we are an experienced and efficient partner. We are familiar with all the aspects of our work, for example the solubility of beverage products, the composition of food supplements, or what powders need for use in baking and cooking.

With our innovative powder products you can round off your own range and present your customers with novel ideas again and again. We develop products and the corresponding packs to your specifications – single products to complement your range or complete concepts with value-added for you and your customers.

SternLife - Products - Powders - Shakes and Drinks

Shaken or stirred?

For sport, health and dietetic products or clinical nutrition: we design tasty, highly functional shakes, dry beverage bases for isotonic drinks, and supplements. Individually for your private label, e.g. as a protein shake with valuable whey protein, multicomponent protein or vegan protein sources. Ever tried them?

SternLife - Produkte - Pulver - Direktverzehr

Instant readiness, with great effect.

We will develop the appropriate food supplement for your sport or health range, combining good flavour with convincing efficacy. And on top, the products are packed as sticks or in sachets and therefore easy to use.

SternLife - Products - Powders - Cooking and Baking

Homemade with Power

Our cooking and baking preparations delight health-conscious amateur chefs and sport enthusiasts. As low-carb, low-fat or high-protein dishes our healthy mixes based on whey, casein, soy or rice protein can be consumed from breakfast to the evening meal, or as a dessert or snack.

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