Älteres Paar umarmt sich fröhlich in der Natur

Healthy gut, healthy aging!

With advancing age, our intestinal activity changes. For many older people, digestive problems are unfortunately part of everyday life. All the more important for a healthy intestinal flora and also an intact intestinal mucosa are the right nutrients. Together with you, we will now get the digestion of the Silver Ager and also your sales going!

The new Gut Comfort powder concept combines two megatrends in the health industry: Healthy Ageing and Gut Health. It not only promises to promote intestinal health, but also appeals to the affluent target group of Best or Silver Agers, who pay particular attention to their health.

The basis of the new supplement is the superfood yellow kiwi, whose positive effect on the intestines has been proven by numerous studies. The extract contains valuable nutrients that have been shown to strengthen the intestinal environment and counteract digestive problems.

Particularly attractive for the target group of 50+ consumers is the flexible dosage form of the powder. Whether in shakes, yogurt, muesli, or simply dissolved in water – the application is conceivably simple and uncomplicated.

To provide comprehensive support for intestinal health, Gut Comfort also contains a balanced nutrient complex: biotin, niacin, riboflavin and vitamin A play an important role in maintaining the intestinal mucosa. In addition, soluble fiber has a prebiotic effect and promotes optimal intestinal function.

Conclusion: With Gut Comfort, the target group of Best Agers over 50+ has the opportunity to fight digestive problems and support intestinal health. The unique combination of yellow kiwi extract and valuable nutrients makes the powder supplement a true all-rounder for a healthy and vital intestinal life in old age. Wouldn’t that also be something for your portfolio?