How we work

How we work

We create new concepts with enthusiasm, and for each customer we develop successful formulations and solutions for high-quality functional nutrition and food supplements. We will find the optimum, tailor-made solution for you, too.
Our market specialists and nutritionists know which raw materials and active substances are in the trend, what is conducive to health and what tastes good. Together with the food experts they transform innovative and individual ideas into creative products. In this process our experts collaborate closely with the R&D specialists from our sister companies. In the search for the best solutions to meet our customers’ needs we make use of the latest applications technology, comprehensive analytical facilities and flexible pilot plant. After thorough testing, the SternLife products are manufactured at our modern production facilities in North Germany.

Our service to you

We take our customers’ needs as our yardstick. We offer you value-added for all your products:

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Sound consumer and market research

Our experts monitor the markets and the relevant industries, their requirements and developments. We will help you with your decisions and your choice of products.

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Our specialist knowledge of raw materials and active ingredients

The choice of suitable raw materials and active ingredients, and also proper label declarations and permissible advertising, are crucial elements of product development. Our know-how in this field, and a thorough knowledge of the raw material markets, form the basis of our development work. We buy our raw materials from long-term partners that are audited internally and externally. In concrete terms, that means our purchasing department keeps its eye on over 1,000 raw materials and has over half of these in stock.

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Competent advice from scientists and technicians

Our experts will support you with their knowledge and experience in all questions of development, positioning and marketing.

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Pilot-scale testing in our own development and applications laboratories

All products are subjected to extensive development and laboratory testing followed by practical trials. In this way we ensure that our products are suitable for use in every respect before they leave our factory.

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Interdisciplinary applications reserch

At our Stern Technology Center in Ahrensburg, SternLife’s technologists cooperate closely with experts from our sister companies as appropriate.

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Innovation through plant technology

In cooperation with partners we develop special machines that permit new, innovative types of product. Technical specialists ensure a balance between dosage form, function and formulation.

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Packaging to ensure success

The more attractive the pack, the greater is the incentive to buy. The right packaging is one of the factors that decide on the success of the product. We offer a wide range of pack types and sizes and have efficient filling lines that quickly make the products ready for warehousing, dispatch and consumption.

Try us out! We will surprise you with an excellent all-round service.

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We develop an exclusive product for each individual customer. New each time, different each time. From over 1,000 raw materials we compose the optimum formulation that satisfies both our customers and us. Without compromises in respect of flavour, consistency or safety.

Antje Wetzel, Head of Product Development, SternLife

How we work: responsibility and Code of Conduct

SternLife is part of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, an internationally operating family company. Sympathy, technological know-how, respect and curiosity: these principles of corporate action make our group of companies successful. Our corporate policy is responsibly based on long-term thinking and sustainability in order to leave an intact environment to future generations – ecologically, socially and economically. Ethically, morally and legally correct conduct is important to us and this is why we orient our daily actions on a Code of Conduct that applies worldwide.


Code of Conduct


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