Eine Holzschüssel mit Haferbrei, Mandeln und Beeren

The tiger nut makes it possible: nutty porridge pleasure without allergens

Exotic, nutty porridge without allergens – sounds impossible? We have the solution for Private Labels. With the new Tiger Nut Porridge range, nut allergy sufferers now get their money’s worth at breakfast.

The porridge concepts are available in plain, strawberry-vanilla, coconut-banana and chocolate flavours. All products have very strong sales arguments: They are free from allergens, gluten and lactose and are full of fibre. They also feature the natural sweetness of tiger nuts and fruit, are vegan and contain only certified organic grown ingredients. These are product concepts your customers are sure to love!

Nut allergies have increased in recent decades. Medical experts estimate that about 2% of Europeans are now affected. Which nuts a person is allergic to varies from one individual to another. Germans react most frequently to peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts. Since the body’s reaction can lead to death in the worst case, it is increasingly important for food manufacturers to communicate allergens more visibly on the packaging or, even better, to offer allergen-free variants.

Muesli and porridge vendors should definitely be going allergen-free. After all, the nut variants in this breakfast segment are extremely popular, so expanding the portfolio of nut versions for allergy suffers makes very good sense.