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Self-medication for the immune system

Self-care has never played as great a role as it has now. Surveys show that  people’s health behaviour has changed for the better due to the COVID crisis. Health consciousness and the desire for better prevention are growing, as is consumer interest in immune-strengthening nutritional supplements.

Our answer to the new self-care movement is five new powdered supplements with scientifically backed ingredients. A special feature is that all can be adjusted to suit different target groups and requirements, such as for flavour. Other forms are possible as well, including hydrogels and hydrodispersion gels.

Our all-rounder Immune Support strengthens overall immune resistance with a formulation of vitamins, minerals and antiviral plant extracts such as green tea and kudzu. The product can also be supplied as a hydrodispersion gel from which the ingredients are released slowly to the throat’s mucous membranes, for a long-term effect.

Our Immune Protect targets the common cold with an innovative composition of vitamins, minerals and selected plant extracts that help to alleviate typical cold symptoms. Ingredients like quercetin and the Ayurvedic medicinal plant Andrographis paniculata help restore free breathing, and reduce coughing, fever, headache and sore throat.

For people who like things more natural but still effective there is Natural Immunity. The product is based entirely on plant-derived ingredients combined with vitamins and minerals from seven plant sources, such as acerola and curry leaf – a clear USP in the field of immunological preparations.

Gut health plays an important role in the body’s immune defences. Our Immune Gut product comes in here. Based on a special combination of vitamins, minerals, dietary fibres, amino acids and human milk oligosaccharides, it fights nine possible causes of gastrointestinal problems, thus promoting healthy gut flora and supporting the intestinal immune system.

Nutrient deficits, inflammation, oxidative stress and imbalanced gut flora – just four triggers of age-related immune deficiency. With our Immune Senior products we target the growing number of Healthy Agers and their nutritional needs.

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