Übersicht verschiedener Proteinquellen

Far from saturated: the protein market

Athletes’ nutrition and diet concepts without protein? Unthinkable. Consumers know how important protein is for healthy, functional nutrition — and they demand it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that proteins also play a major role in new food trends today: be it in the “beauty from within” movement or ketogenic nutrition. The range of new protein sources and applications is correspondingly extensive and offers a wide choice. High-quality conventional proteins from milk, egg and whey are being joined by other plant-based proteins – for example from soy, rice, peas and hemp. And even innovations such as resource-saving insect proteins with excellent amino acid profiles or collagen variants with functions for skin and hair are increasingly coming into focus.

At SternLife, our philosophy is to develop these classic and new protein variants at the highest level, garnished with plenty of product ideas and implementation know-how. Would you like an example? Our services range from concept development for protein powders, meal replacements, protein snack bites, protein porridge and protein baking mixes for pizza, bread, pancakes and bars to recipe consulting and the implementation of exclusive product ideas – for a healthier and fitter world with optimum protein supply. And of course we also like to use plant-based proteins – of course, right?