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SternLife – your partner for healthy nutrition

With us, your wishes are in good hands! We develop highly effective products and successful concepts for your customers.

Private label for health. We shape you up for your markets and target groups.

Products for weight-loss diets, food supplements and applications in the field of clinical nutrition: we develop individual strategies for the healthy and sustainable development of our customers’ ranges.

Nutrition made to meet the needs of every lifestage requires superb and well elaborated product concepts. Our experience with regards to raw materials and technologies, maximum quality and safety standards throughout the development and production process, and not least an atmosphere of inspiring partnership between our employees and customers ensure the success of the private label products. For the health promoting and health supporting applications we offer established dosage forms such as powders, functional bars, capsules, tablets, shots and sticks. Diversity, quality and innovation in the service of health.

SternLife - Health-Nutrition Weight-Management

Weight management

We develop concepts and products for weight loss, tailor made to your brand profile – safe, high-quality and state-of-the-art.

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SternLife - Health-Nutrition - Food-supplements

Food supplements

Is it your aim to ensure safety for your customers and lasting success for your range? The sophisticated demands we make on food supplements are your guarantee.

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SternLife - Health-Nutrition - Clinical-nutrition

Clinical nutrition

Preparations for specific medicinal purposes demand a responsible approach and comprehensive know-how. You can rely on us for both.

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Strong concepts for maximum success in losing weight: get innovative products for your private label

We develop appropriate concepts for our customers and their weight-conscious target groups. To inspire our customers we are able to draw on our wide diversity of products and extensive know-how.

Weight loss made to measure: for your label we develop complete nutrition strategies with all the important components such as meal replacers, light between-meal snacks and supplements. We develop and manufacture high-class, safe products, tailor-made to your wishes and requirements, of coursein compliance with the legal requirements.

The state-of-the-art equipment in our laboratories and production plant and our knowledge of modern approaches to nutrition, suitable raw materials and their effects form the basis of our successful and innovative private label products. These include protein drinks with L-carnitine and other metabolism-activating substances, drinks with dietary fibres, classic meal replacer shakes, food supplements with ingredients like coffee, green tea or mate extract and meal replacer bars with valuable proteins in different variants. They can be supplied in the usual dosage forms such as powders, capsules, tablets, shots or sticks.

We help you ensure that health-conscious consumers achieve their weight targets – whether with a low-carb diet, low-calorie nutrition, wholesome meal replacers or special supplements. Weight loss with lasting success for our customers.

The optimum effect – without a doubt. For our customers we develop reliable food supplements for a profitable health range.

From our wide range of active ingredients and products, enriched with our experience and our knowledge of the markets and consumers’ wishes, we design food supplements for worthwhile health ranges.

Food supplements contribute to a healthy way of life and complement the diet. Our aim is to create effective and specific preparations that guarantee maximum product safety and lasting success.

Depending on your target group, for example consumers during a diet or to enhance the overall feeling of wellbeing, we develop suitable food supplements for your brands. We design products or entire ranges and offer comprehensive services and advice from the inspiration for a product to the finished preparation. Regulatory support as well as support in managing the approval process can be done as well.

Our range includes capsules, tablets, powders and liquid products. From our large pool of ingredients – for example vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and lecithins – we design preparations for individual customers. One of our strengths is precise dosing to achieve the specific effect of each raw material. Our focus is always on product safety. Sustainable and profitable private labels for our customers – with an extra health benefit.

Good health to you!

Taking up the famous tip for sound nutrition, the firm’s founder, Volkmar Wywiol reveals his secret for maintaining health and vitality.

SternLife - Unternehmen - Volkmar-Wywiol

Lecithin a day keeps the doctor away. My daily apple is lecithin. Lecithin stands for a healthy way of life, activates the metabolism and assists memory and concentration. Something I have experienced every day – for forty years.

Volkmar Wywiol, founder and managing partner of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe

Premium private label products: we are our customers’ responsible and reliable partner for quality private label products.

Safe preparations and foods for clinical nutrition call for specialist knowledge, extreme care and premium quality. We meet these sophisticated demands on the part of our customers and their patients.

We help you develop foods for specific medicinal purposes. Our team of experts will devise a tailor-made solution to fit your ideas and frame of reference.

Every clinical picture needs its own products with a specific composition. We develop suitable applications for targeted nutrition to suit different clinical pictures, for example cancer or for renal, metabolic or tissue disorders. We can supply the usual dosage forms: powders to be blended with liquid, and bars. For you we draw up partially or fully balanced diets with all the important nutrients and vital substances, also in compliance with the legal specifications (EU directive 2016/128).

Precise adjustment of the nutrients and their values is essential in order to assist the patients’ recovery. Our state-of-the-art production plant and specific analysis of all the relevant parameters by our highly trained quality assurance staff make the products safe and reliable for you and your patients.

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