Food for Special Medical Purposes

Clinical nutrition manufacturer – these are the advantages

Whether it’s a balanced diet or targeted supplementation due to malnutrition, the question of the right diet is a crucial nutritional component in the treatment of many diseases. Many patients cannot be adequately cared for by eating normal food alone. This is where SternLife’s enteral food for special medical purposes (FSMP) and preparations for the balanced diet come in.

Diverse nutrients, diverse nutritional therapies

The range of our products for clinical nutrition includes both partially and fully balanced diets for needs-based clinical nutrition with solid food or drinks, for example as a dietary supplement in powder form. As a clinical nutrition manufacturer, we enrich our products with all the important nutrients and vital substances that are required for nutritional medicine. For a lasting effect during care and recovery.

Who needs clinical nutrition?

The field of application is broad and can be adapted to different medical conditions. These include cancer and kidney, metabolic or tissue diseases. The overriding aim is to prevent malnutrition and to ensure that patients are well cared for despite their illness through nutritional therapies in hospitals, doctors’ surgeries and other medical facilities.

Expertise that benefits everyone 

As a premium manufacturer, our expertise in nutritional medicine naturally flows into our entire product portfolio. Under the umbrella of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, we are constantly researching the best solutions for the nutrition industry in our technology centre in Ahrensburg near Hamburg. Our well-trained quality assurance with the targeted analysis of all relevant parameters ensures the consistent high quality of our products. In the manufacture of clinical nutrition – and other products as well – we take care of all the steps necessary for our customers to bring a product to market maturity.