Endurance sport nutrition products for private labels

As a manufacturer of nutrition products for sport we develop and produce high-carb energy bars and isotonic drink powders.

From lifestyle products to special brands for endurance sports: high-carb specialities have an established place in the ranges of many suppliers of products for sport nutrition. High-energy products for topping up the body’s glycogen store are in demand with a wide range of people who engage in active sports: for jogging, to increase fitness, or when training for competitive sports – the specific intake of carbohydrates and minerals can optimize nutrition for endurance sportspeople. and boost their performance. With our products for supplementing nutrition in the field of strength and endurance sports, private labels can meet the precise needs of their particular target group.

As the German premium manufacturer of food supplements and functional foods under the umbrella of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe we have a thorough knowledge of the brands, markets and trends in the realm of sport nutrition. On an area of more than 3,000 square metres at our research centre we have been investigating the use of carbohydrates and proteins for optimum strength and endurance sport nutrition for many years and are constantly creating innovative, novel products. At our customers’ request we will develop new, individual formulations for high-carb nutrition to replenish the body’s glycogen store and bring them to market maturity in close cooperation with the customer.

Functional bars and instantized drink powders for high-carb nutrition

Because of our extensive know-how, we as manufacturers can offer strategies for nutritional supplements in the field of endurance sports that are able to assert themselves in the market. With our products, our customers can score points even with demanding target groups: on request, we will produce bars that are vegan or made from certified organic ingredients.

Our customers can choose from established formulations for their private labels or commission us to develop novel recipes. Only quality raw materials are used in our products. For example, our range includes energy bars with carbohydrates and protein based on oats or fruits; for the latter, apples or dates can be used. All the bars can be refined further with nuts, cocoa or guarana and thus become even more attractive to consumers. In addition, we have a large selection of drink powders – also ready-to-drink – in our range, with a variety of functional ingredients such as guarana, caffeine, taurine, plant extracts, amino acids, minerals or vitamins.

Products for functional nutrition have to face greatly differing demands, since consumers’ requirements must be met very precisely. Our energy bars and drink powders can be adjusted exactly to the particular target group and its training objectives. Whether joggers or endurance athletes preparing for contests: the right choice of carbohydrates ensures that the body’s glycogen store is not depleted too quickly. In the case of bars, the The ratio of proteins to carbohydrates can also be balanced exactly, and the specific use of amino acids, vitamins and other functional ingredients makes the products even more valuable.

From the idea to its realization: we will see to everything

Our clientele is made up entirely of strong brands. We produce for fitness studio chains, retail stores and online sellers. We as manufacturers take on the whole process – from conception of the product through pack design and production to warehousing and logistics. Our quality system starts with purchase of the raw materials. We manufacture all the products exclusively on our own, state-of-the-art plant. This ensures that as manufacturers of products for strength and endurance sport nutrition, we have an overview of the whole chain at all times and can vouch for the excellent quality of our products.

Since we are a customer-oriented service provider through and through, it goes without saying that we include our customers in this process in a spirit of partnership and keep the costs within reasonable limits.

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