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Customized product development: We make your wishes come true.

Our development team combines passion, enthusiasm and curiosity. In this way, trends and innovative ideas are transformed into pleasant-tasting, functional products for your customers.

The way we work offers you numerous advantages: we implement your project quickly and achieve a convincingly short time-to-market. Our products meet the most stringent requirements concerning choice of the raw materials, quality and efficacy: the raw materials are subject to strict selection and regular controls in respect of their content of the active ingredients, purity and stability. We look for optimum synergisms between the raw materials, sometimes combining them from different sources (e.g. different proteins). We give attention to the relevant aspects of food technology, nutrition science and the food laws and include them in the development process. The focus of our work is not only on achieving the optimum formulation; excellent flavour of the products we develop is just as important to us. And not least, we optimize your product in respect of its packaging. Before it comes onto the market, we undertake its analysis in accordance with the food laws and help you with its classification and registration with the customs authorities.

There is no disputing good taste!

SternLife - Unternehmen Marcel-Bornholdt

Nutritionally valuable foods and food supplements must be convincing in respect of both function and flavour. In tasting sessions we adjust the flavour, texture and dosage or presentation form of our products to the relevant target group – often together with our customers. In doing so we take country-specific preferences into account.

Marcel Bornholdt, product developer for the functional bar sector, SternLife

There is no disputing good taste!

The Stern Technology Center: room for creativity and innovation

The combined know-how of the 12 German companies in the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, with over 100 R&D specialists, is concentrated at our corporate Technology Center in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg.

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