Collagen Solutions

Collagen products from Sternlife

Trendy, surprisingly different, surprisingly good

As we get older, the body’s own collagen production decreases. The skin becomes increasingly wrinkled, the muscles lose elasticity and the joints become stiffer.

Collagen preparations can provide a remedy. Collagen products from SternLife help you to stand out in the booming market, as they are available in a variety of forms and also taste excellent.

Collagen Coffee

Collagen Coffee combines the pleasure of coffee with the benefits of collagen. Our coffee supports skin elasticity and strengthens hair and nails. Ideal for an energising start to the day with added beauty benefits.

Beautylicious Bar

The Beautylicious Bar offers healthy snacking that promotes beauty from within. Enriched with superfoods and collagen, it supports skin, hair and nails. Ideal for conscious connoisseurs who value their outer and inner beauty.

Red Berry Collagen Smoothie

The Red Berry Collagen Smoothie supports cartilage health and strengthens the skin and joints. Enriched with collagen, it offers a delicious and nutrient-rich route to greater vitality and well-being.