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SternLife gives shape to food supplements

We will develop your concept for highly effective capsules and tablets.

Top quality raw materials, useful formulations and practical dosage forms: we create capsules and tablets for private labels.

With innovative capsules and tablets we offer safe, selected active ingredients for your customers and extra value-added for your range. Small products with great effect.

Capsules and tablets are a popular and very variable dosage form for health, sport and dietetic preparations. Our quality products can be used as food supplements, as performance boosters for sport, or to supplement intake in cases of nutrient deficiency or increased nutrient demand. Our range also includes innovative product concepts for improving cognitive performance and strengthening the immune system.

From the wide range of dosage forms we will recommend those that are most suitable for your products. In doing so we will take all the relevant factors into account, such as dosage, the properties of the raw materials, their quantities, necessary protection and the desired mode of intake. We can offer you all the usual types of tablet, for example effervescent tablets, tablets to be swallowed, lozenges and chewable tablets. Nearly all shapes and colours are possible, and the tablets can also be scored with a groove for splitting. For preparations in capsules we can offer you a large selection of shells, for example made of hard or soft gelatin. Vegetarian and vegan capsule shells in keeping with your product concept are possible, too.

Whatever type of tablet or capsule you choose: we will create an innovative product for you or develop your existing range further.

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