SternLife for exceptional bar diversity

You select nutritional value and function - we see to the rest.

We offer an exceptional diversity of functional bars. Developed individually for our customers, and convincing for their creativity, flavour and quality.

Not off-the-peg – individually developed for you and convincing in terms of creativity, flavour and quality. We create individual formulations to secure you greater success with your range of bars. As a starting point for the development of an innovative functional bar we have five bar lines that can be configured freely in respect of their contents. A virtually endless diversity results from the choice of ingredients, for example healthy lifestyle raw materials, valuable superfoods, creamy fillings and crispy coatings. Even high protein levels of up to 65% can be achieved with these bars.
Whether a single functional bar or a complete range: we always guarantee you top quality and maximum safety. That holds good from product development to packaging. It also applies to the raw materials, precise adherence to the formulations and the convincing flavour. Our functional bars stand for both private labels with value-added and an additional health benefit for consumers.


The bar without a coating. Its special feature is optimum nutritional value, since it has no chocolate coating. This bar can be produced with a protein content of up to 65 %. It lends itself especially to vegan or even savoury variants. Alternatively, we can supply it as a Pure Chocolate series: for that we manufacture our own chocolate and fortify it with quality protein and crunchy crispies. Also avaible in organic!


The most familiar type of bar with an optimum combination of nutritional value and flavour. It is impressive for its high protein content of up to 60 % and its delicious taste. Possible coatings are dark, milk or white chocolate. The Basic Line is the first choice for highly functional products and also products for breaking into the functional bar market. Of course available in organic, ask us!


Our Premium Bars combine the advantages of the Basic Bars with a crunchy snack experience, since they are sprinkled with crispies, nuts or mixtures of the two. Healthy, delicious titbits in the shape of a bar.


Peak enjoyment! Our Deluxe line offers perfect flavour and a large measure of functionality. Besides having optimal nutritional value with a protein content of up to 50 %, these bars tempt with a delicious paste filling and a crunchy covering of nuts and crispies. Whether with fruit paste or a coating of quality almonds: Deluxe Bars always offer you value-added.

Don’t want a crunchy covering? No problem, ask us for our Superior Bars!

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