Before your request: Our FAQ's

Minimum purchase quantity

1. What is the minimum purchase quantity for bars (depending on the variety)?

We develop and produce bars from an annual quantity of 100,000 units. This quantity can be released in production series of at least 30,000 bars. Special raw materials or specific requirements like, for instance, ORGANIC can impact this quantity. The minimum purchase quantity may then be higher.

2. What is the minimum purchase quantity for powdered products (depending on the variety)?

Our powdered products are very diverse and wide-ranging when it comes to raw materials and packaging. Each product must, therefore, be individually examined. The benchmarks are 10,000 up to 20,000 cans or sachets, 100,000 single-dose sachets and 5,000 kg unpackaged goods.

3. What is the minimum purchase quantity for other products?

The benchmark for capsules and tablets is: at least approximately 10,000 packaging units for each variety. The purchase quantities for drinks and shots are examined individually.

Project steps and development

1. What are the steps in a project from the idea to the finished product?

We offer our customers an all-in service starting with the idea down to the finished product. We develop, test, analyse and purchase materials and tailor our production to individual wishes. All our customers have to do is supply the design based on the specifications developed by us and send us the finished print data.

2. Development costs

a) We do not charge our customers for product development. We only calculate development costs when a large amount of time and money is involved or when new, not yet available raw materials are needed. The costs for this are specified in each individual case and credited back when an order is placed.

b) Under certain circumstances a production test may be carried out after an order has been placed. The costs would then have to be assumed on a pro rata basis.

c) We pass on to you the actual initial printing costs incurred (printing blocks, tools, etc.) for your packaging materials with your design that we have to pay the suppliers of foils, cans and cartons.

3. What information do you need?

We need a briefing containing, if possible, detailed information about the product that is required. The following are particularly important for us: package size and type, planned annual and release quantities, target price (if available), main raw materials and desired product claims. Information about a reference product would be helpful if available.

4. What are the project steps?

a) Once we have received your briefing, we make a product proposal.

b) If this is coherent, we then develop a formulation and provide you with the provisional specifications and a guide price.

c) Once you have agreed to both the specifications and the guide price, we make samples in the laboratory and send them to you by courier.

d) Once the samples have been approved, we draw up a suitable packaging concept with you and then give you a definitive quote with all the framework conditions for your individual product.

e) If you place an order with us, in the case of some products, we may undertake a production test on the machine in order to make the final product adjustments. You are required to participate in the costs of these tests in a commensurate manner.

5. Procurement and provision of raw materials

To simplify things, we draw on tested and high quality raw materials from our large portfolio. If you have a specific raw material for which external procurement makes sense, then all quality documents must be made available for it and its suitability verified in terms of our allergen policy. The same applies to highly specific raw materials which we procure on your behalf.

6. Packaging of your products / Supply of packaging materials

We only sell packaged goods. The packaging materials are purchased individually for your product. In principle, packaging materials can also be procured externally. In this case, our production facilities must examine the suitability of the packaging materials supplied by you and all documents of relevance for quality assurance must be made available.

7. Handing over of the formulation

In principle, we develop and produce in line with each customer’s individual wishes. Our core competence consists of the design and sale of products which sets us apart from contract development. We will give you a fully developed product and suitable specifications for the declaration. We do not reveal the exact formulation or individual components of a formulation.

8. Are there any standard articles or a price list?

All products are developed individually for your brand and tailored to your customers. For that reason there are no standard articles or price list(s).

Allergens and declaration

1. Production organic, gluten-free, vegan, lactose-free, etc.

Depending on the product area and use there are several options that have to be agreed on and examined. Please note down any specific requirements with regard to labelling/claims in the briefing and we will give you feedback on them.


1. The fully developed product: What comes next?

a) Once the product is fully developed and we have jointly agreed on the terms and conditions, quantity and price, we will give you the final product specifications and punches for the packaging materials. Your agency or your design department can then see to the design of the products.

b) You give us this design and we examine technical and contextual implementability and give you our feedback. Once the design has been definitively approved, we still need approval of the quantities so that we can order packaging materials with the right print run.

c) Once the packaging has been completely finalised, the first order can be placed and the first production planned and scheduled.

2. Are there special contracts? How do you work and proceed?
For how long are the prices valid?

a) We attach great importance to long-term customer loyalty and good partnerships. Consequently, sound contractual foundations are very important for us.

b) Our offers are always contractual offers in which we propose a quantity for a specific period with several releases in line with our Standard Terms and Conditions. The price applies to the entire contractual quantity and for this quantity we purchase the corresponding packaging materials and raw materials.

c) If desired, we can also make use of individual framework and confidentiality agreements for our customers.

3. Who is my contact person?

As our customer you are given individualised service. You have a permanent contact person in sales and a product developer. An entire team is at your disposal to cover all aspects of order processing.

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