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SternLife for functional products with style.

Ready, steady, go! Drinks and shots to put your customers way ahead.

Ready to use at once: we develop “cool” RTD products and shots that will captivate your customers with their flavour and choice of raw materials.

Set a new trend – with on-trend RTD products and shots for modern consumers. We bring functional ingredients, flavour and design together to create innovative drinks and shots for your range.

Convenient to use and convincing for their quality: our drinks and shots will give a boost to the success of your range.

Drinks – RTD is the modern trend

With our ready-to-drink products we will put your ideas in a bottle. We will develop sophisticated, ready-mixed drinks to suit your range: protein drinks, smoothies, functional and isotonic products. Our knowledge of raw materials and their effects and interactions guarantees premium quality – in respect of flavour, consistency, functionality and safety. The RTD products are filled in practical PET bottles.

Shots – small size, big effect

Shots have become very popular, especially in the sport and health sectors. As supplements for nutrition they supply valuable ingredients in a compact size: always at hand and easy to use.
We develop innovative nutrition in liquid form. In the attractive shot size they include energy boosters, vitamin and beauty shots and drinks containing dietary fibres. But our service does not end with well-conceived formulations and safe production methods. Valuable products need first-class packaging: a variety of designs and sizes, for instance supplies for a week or a month, make the shots a visibly successful element of your range.

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