Clinical nutrition

Clinical nutrition for private labels

We are an innovative manufacturer of quality powders and functional bars for optimal dietetic treatment in medical institutions.

Whether it is a question of a balanced diet or specific supplementation: correct nutrition is an important element in the treatment of numerous disorders. Many patients cannot be supplied adequately with nutrients by eating ordinary food. They are threatened with malnutrition. That is where requirement-based clinical nutrition with solid or liquid oral foods comes in to compose a suitable diet. It demands sophisticated nutritional product concepts optimally adjusted to the situation of each individual patient. As an experienced service-provider, SternLife helps successful customer brands to establish or extend a range for clinical nutrition

As an innovative premium manufacturer we develop products for specific oral dietetic treatment. Our quality products help to prevent malnutrition and are used in the course of nutritional therapy in hospitals, doctors’ practices and other medical institutions. They can be adjusted to different clinical pictures, including cancer and renal, metabolic or tissue disorders. Our range of products for clinical nutrition is designed for both partially and fully balanced diets. We fortify our products with all the important nutrients and vital substances called for in nutritional medicine.

Clinical nutrition tailor-made for specific patient groups

As premium manufacturers of food supplements and functional foods, we are in a position to observe clinical guidelines and produce foods according to the legal regulations when formulating and manufacturing our quality products. We are very pleased to develop individual clinical nutrition concepts geared precisely to the needs and objectives of nutrition teams in the medical institutions our customers wish to address in the health market. At our Technology Center in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, we are constantly looking for the best solutions for the nutrition industry in 11 specialist laboratories under the umbrella of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe.

In the field of clinical nutrition, especially, the composition of the food plays an extremely important role in the success of the end product. As a family-managed German manufacturer we put our faith in comprehensive know-how and excellent quality. Our products are manufactured according to the latest applications technology. We are able to offer products for clinical nutrition in various dosage forms: as powders for blending with liquid to be consumed as drinkable nutrition, or as functional bars for solid oral nutrition with an adapted consistency.

Quality assurance and outstanding expertise for premium quality

Our highly trained quality assurance team guarantees the consistently high quality of our products through specific analysis of all the relevant parameters. In the manufacture of foods for clinical nutrition we undertake for our customers all the steps needed to bring a product to market maturity. Our cooperation with the customer starts with the initial idea and continues through product development and production to warehousing and delivery of the goods. In this process our teams of experts collaborate with our customers in a spirit of partnership and find the ideal solution for all frames of reference.

Our long experience of the markets and our product expertise enable us to put our customers’ private labels on the right lines from the start. From a single product to complete ranges we develop comprehensive strategies with which our customers’ private labels can assert themselves successfully in the market. It is sufficient for our customer to approve the finished sample of the product and send us the design for the pack once the order has been placed.

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